Marlene Potgieter
I have a unique style and love expressing myself in an abstract way, I come from an abusive back ground witch causes me to see the world different, experience the world through the eyes of someone who has Dissociative Identity Disorder and fighting the fight of a non-abusive society.
My art expresses my past and my journey of healing and the hope of a better tomorrow .

The inner mask revealed
Inner pain of a broken child
The fight and struggle of healing in progress
Filled with the ability to stand triumphant over life’s shadows
Colour demonstrating the life that now flows from within.
Inner Masc
Size: 0 x 0 inches
Media: Oil
Price: $ 1000
Life begins to flow
Still bound by a life that use to be
Revealing the secret of captivity gone wrong
The inner peace of a window on the world 
The spirit of the mustang untameable.
Fighting to survive
The scars run deep inside the soul of the mind
Roots of Life
Size: 0 x 0 inches
Media: Oil
Price: $ 700
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