Farhad Jafari kiasaraei
i started my opuses with drawing by pencil-colouredrn pencils and soon basicly then countinued by using watercolor rn, gouache and now i follow the technic of colour and oil on thern texttile.drawing and painting in my collection are based on myrn personal beliefs.i think this collection is a small part of my rnthoughts that i could performance and if i try from now untill rnthousand years later,i never can go over of my thouts,because our rnhuman existance will be meaningful just in this situation and if rnthe brain permits itself to go beyond this frame then�rn

Gaze of demeanour
Size: 24 x 32 inches
Media: Oil
Price: $ 3500
what about ...?
Size: 32 x 47 inches
Media: Oil
Price: $ 3900
From top of evil mount...
Size: 24 x 39 inches
Media: Oil
Price: $ 2350
Size: 24 x 36 inches
Media: Oil
Price: $ 3900
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