Christine DeAngelis
I'm searching for my style, but have visions of what that will be. I like to experiment with different media, watecolor, oils, acrylics, as well as charcoal, pastels, whatever takes my fancy. I'm very visual, and art - as well as photography - has to catch my eye, I "see" a picture wherever the scenery and colors combine to maek me want to capture it, it's hard to explain but I have to follow my instinct. I have many hobbies and interests and I think this effects my creativity in a positive way. I hope that I can bring some happiness to others through my work.

these are bookmarks, made by drawing flowers, then using ink, crayon, and glitter for visual effect to create more of an abstraction
Silent Whispers
Size: 2 x 4 inches
Media: Mixed media
Not for sale
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