Mark Joachim
I have loved painting and drawing since I was 3 yrs. old. I was influenced by my brother Ric Joachim. He was 17 yrs. older than me and was doing serious work since I was born. I"m hoping that my best work is yet to have happened. I love all genre"s and mediums. I hope you enjoy some of the works I have posted.

I did this sculpture of Frank Zappa in 2001.  It's made from Fimo clay, and it took me about a month to complete.  I had an acrylic base made for it and took it with me to over 10 concerts of the original Mothers playing at different venues.  Project Obje
Zappa sculpture
Size: 9 x 9 inches
Media: Others
Price: $ 0
This is a pastel I did in 2000.  I sold the original but I have giclee's available.  I love Yosemite.
Bridal Veil Falls / Yo...
Size: 22 x 30 inches
Media: Others
Price: $ 375
I love the Napa Valley.  This is a pastel of going into St. Helena.  It is my last significant piece and is framed in a very unique, carved, grape leaf frame.  Giclee's are available in stunning detail for $375.00.
Perfect Napa Day
Size: 28 x 37 inches
Media: Others
Not for sale
This is an amazing place in San Francisco.  I did this pastel in 2000.  The original has been sold.  Giclee's are for $350..
The Palace of Fine Arts
Size: 16 x 36 inches
Media: Others
Price: $ 0
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