Carola Roos
I live in Nacka just outside Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I live in a small house in country-like surroundings with a husband and two wonderful daughters. During 1990-91 I attended Konstskolan in Stockholm, where I learned basic techniques in oil painting and watercolor. Today I prefer to paint in oil; I passionately love to put those smooth colors onto a big canvas! Nature is my greatest inspiration when I work. Also I find it immensely inspiring to see what other artists have created. That is why I started Show-Your-Own-Art-Gallery together with my good friend Ullis (who I met at Konstskolan). Our dream was a gallery open to everyone, where we could enjoy other artists fantastic images and ideas everyday! And we do.

Size: 19 x 25 inches
Media: Oil
Price: $ 300
Size: 0 x 0 inches
Media: Oil
Price: $ 300
A piece of the sky
Size: 24 x 20 inches
Media: Oil
This painting is an illustration to a poem written by my sister.
Size: 28 x 23 inches
Media: Oil
Not for sale
This painting is from a series with trees and birds.
Lonely Bird
Size: 23 x 28 inches
Media: Oil
Price: $ 600
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