Lyndsey Paynter
Lyndsey is a painter hailing from Long River, PEI. She has been drawing and painting since she was young and is an entirely self taught artist. While she has dabbled with several different types of art and mediums, she ultimately prefers working with acrylic on canvas. She has also done many watercolor pieces over the past few years. As a young artist, she is still developing her collection and expanding her skills each day. Lately her pieces have been depicting scenes from her own photography collection. Lyndsey has also started working on commissioned pieces enjoying the challenge of meeting customer demand. She has lived in Nova Scotia for the past several years where she obtained a Bachelor of Science and lived in several different areas of the province. Recently she happily returned home and today resides in Charlottetown where she is attending the University of Prince Edward Island, participates in the local Roller Derby league and paints out of her home.

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