Joseph Paul Carruthers
Joseph Paul Carruthers is an artist residing now in Nevada. Joseph"s works are inspired by his interests in geology,history,nature,and sociology. Joseph is also a jeweler, musician, lapidary artist,and turquoise miner. Surrealism, found object, and other expressive styles dominate his pieces. Joseph"s use of bright colors in many of his works has given rise to what he terms "Hyperchromatic Surrealism".

This piece done in oil on canvas depicts the ever changing face of history. In this case the conquering of the American west.
The Shifting Wind and ...
Size: 91 x 60 inches
Media: Oil
Price: $ 4500
This work shows a ruins and a medicine wheel. It brings attention to the fact that no matter what is at this time and space the future will change. Much like our current state with the environment. At first there was little regard to nature and now with s
Presence of a Distant ...
Size: 51 x 46 inches
Media: Oil
Price: $ 1200
This work has to deal with the process of thought and the conceptualization of an idea. The abstract images represent the fragments or pieces of the dream or thoughts before realization.
Pictorial Dream Memory
Size: 91 x 46 inches
Media: Oil
Price: $ 2500
This work I created using found objects from my journeys into the desert wilderness to express my joy of the natural world.  Oil, acrylic, enamel, and objects on canvas board. Concretions, turquoise, antler, feather, handmade beads, stone, claw, quartz cr
Earth and Sky
Size: 56 x 43 inches
Media: Mixed media
Price: $ 750
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