Amanda Johnson
I am a very versatile painter, I can paint gothic, contemporary, imaginary and more. I"ve had several commissions, which I prefer to do as they are more meaningful. I"m a member of a local art group and we have three small exhibitions yearly. I put my heart and soul into my work. Although I"ve painted my entire life it"s only recently that it"s taken hold of me, I"m constantly learning and I feel a lifetime of experiences have helped my art to develop. I have finally, excuse the clique, found myself.

This was inspired by a photograph of the silhouette of a person standing in woods.  The colours are fairly dark but I've added a touch of red to add depth.
Who's There
Size: 40 x 40 inches
Media: Acrylic
Not for sale
Woman walking along an empty beach deep in thought.  This was my first beach scene.
This again shows my capabilities.
Desire To Be Free
Size: 0 x 0 inches
Media: Acrylic
Not for sale
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