Aniko Makay
Hello and welcome, here you can meet a human who is behind this site. My name is Aniko Makay. Visual artist.

Painting is my passion. I fell in love with colors when I was 5 and still I am. In those days I painted coloring books, now I as a grown up I can paint whatever I want. Not much changed. And everything changed.

Nowadays what boils my artistic juices is oil painting. That is a big change in thinking, medium and consistency. It is said that the oil is a forgiving medium. It is good to know after those I-fogive-myself-and-my-imperfectness-years that a medium can be forgiving too.

What captured my eyes was a glass cube.
Old memories came to surface about boring drawing classes. 
White cubes made of paper. What a difference.
This cube makes my creative juices flowing. 
Did I see a beauty-cube like this? No.
OK. Sunshine makes w
Size: 6 x 6 inches
Media: Oil
Price: $ 100
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