Konner Watkins
First off I"ll start a little bit about my art style. I am a simple abstract artist. I just like to put my emotions on a canvas. Quick strokes with a couples of brushes, and watch it flow into a delightful sight. Painting isn"t my only artistic value. I am a Author, which is my artistic strong-suit. I also make/play a variety of different music. I am a fairly good singer. I am a good actor/performer. My Muse of interest would be Music. It is One of my greatest influences. Though I don"t know a single teenager who doesn"t treat music as at least a notable influence in their life. I am an audible learner, So I learn through hearing. The best way to express myself is through words being put on New-skinned parchment or rather, the computer. If there is anything more you would like to know. About me. My art-work, or just some general info relating to me... You can contact me First Via Facebook. If not then by E-mail.

Thank-you and have a wonderful day reader.

The base was a a heart... And the heart is then surrounded by the darkens.. En-caged by everything. Then finally being put to a stop by the also familiar user.
Red Heart
Size: 30 x 24 inches
Media: Others
Price: $ 40
This... Painting, This was actually one of my first styles of abstract. What stands out to me in the picture as an observer, is the light showing up  from the bottom. I did this painting when going through a dispute with my close friend.
Garden of what was to ...
Size: 15 x 30 inches
Media: Others
Price: $ 45
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