Trudie Ann Moore
I"ve always had art in my blood,inspired by my uncle, a sketch artist.
I migrated to Australia from the U.K. & entered oil paintings in local comps .
In 2004 I was introduced to Encaustic art.After learning how to apply wax onto card, I developed painting with wax on canvas, and my works are creating increasing interest, as it is an unusual, and fascinating medium.Some of my works are currently exhibited in Nepean Hospital, Western Sydney.Join me on facebook at:

This artwork was created with dyed beeswax using hot air and free flowing technique. To my eye the painting is full of angelic-type beings rising up into the universe.
Angels Arising
Size: 60 x 76 inches
Media: Others
Price: $ 500
Created with dyed melted beeswax and heat tools. Depicts Mother Earth as a Goddess holding the last flower on the Planet.
Earth Goddess
Size: 60 x 91 inches
Price: $ 500
This artwork was originally created for an auction for Cancer, and so it is filled with bright colours and a feeling of hope and re-generation.
Size: 35 x 70 inches
Media: Mixed media
Price: $ 350
This work was created with encaustic, or beeswax and features a poem written during my teenage years. Very much an outsider, this verse reflected how I was feeling at that time of my life.
Size: 60 x 75 inches
Media: Mixed media
Price: $ 600
Original artwork created with encaustic on canvas. Depicting the shell angel or Diva dispensing newly created shells into the sea and the waiting arms of the sea sprites.
Blessing of The Shell ...
Size: 60 x 91 inches
Media: Mixed media
Price: $ 450
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