Hi my name is Lorenzo donaldson aslo known as Emanon R.Tist. I am a twenty-six year old artist from tacoma WA, with a dream of starting my own comic book saga to fund my endeavors on the way to becoming a self made man and retire as a self made millionair. I hope you all like my work and look forward to seeing more of it on the shelves of your local comic book retailer in the near future. see you soon
L. Donaldson

this picture shows that the beauty, heart,and essence, the very  soul of a woman is as strong,powerful and even dangerously captivating as that of panther.
soul of a woman
Size: 85 x 11 inches
Media: Mixed media
Price: $ 40
this piece is a discription of my withered outlook on how  love can change the way you view yourself as well as others 
p.s photo copy ONLY. original not for sale sorry :(
heart attack
Size: 8 x 11 inches
Media: Drawings
Price: $ 10
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